Solutions for a connected world

Research & Development

Proposing ever-more innovating solutions to its customers, both evolutionary and with a low environmental impact, is one of the priorities at ACOME. To do this, the Group has teams of researchers, working out in different specialized design offices, Research Management, and its High Speed Broadband Expertise Center. The group devotes 10% of its manpower and 5% of its turnover to research & development for its offers, products and solutions.

Engineering departments specialized on products and systems

To adapt itself to the new requirements of telecom operators, territorial communities, assemblers and installers, ACOME draws on the assistance of three specialized research departments:

  • a fiber and optical cables research department,
  • a copper conductors cables research department,
  • a telecoms solutions research department (components and integration in the system).

They are committed to developing high-performance products meeting the current standards in
regulation and environmental terms.

Super Fast Broadband Expertise Center

Based at Mortain (Normandy), the Super Fast Broadband Expertise Center (known as CETHD) is a unique structure in Europe. Its vocation: to demonstrate and ensure full scale experimenting of access network deployment, in a logical approach to the convergence of services and IP (Internet Protocol) products.

Its main advantages:

  • A teaching platform measuring 10,500 m2, including every infrastructure model (including 50 km of ducts and aerial lines).
  • A network under operation, adjusted to suit every configuration (rural, urban, residential) and supporting Super Fast Broadband services. ACOME's partners use it to test, experiment and present their products and services.

CETDH presents, in a single location, the integration of all the components of a "Super Fast Broadband" network: from civil works, transmission equipment, to the actual services...

ACOME and sustainable development

Involved by its nature in sustainable development, ACOME is part of a small group of companies at the origin of PeP "Product environment Passport", determining and optimizing from the design stage, the environmental footprint of its products. Therefore, ACOME's goals include the developing of high-performance products and processes, increasingly more respectful of the environment and in full safety.