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Our logistical know-how

To meet the demands of its customers in terms of services and deliveries, ACOME has developed unique logistical know-how by virtue of which it is able to ship all over the world and in the allotted times, more than 40,000 tons of production each year.

Suitable logistical solutions

To address customer expectations, ACOME can provide them with logistics covering every one of their current and future needs, such as:

Notre savoir-faire logistique

Notre savoir-faire logistique

  • A logistic services offer: finished products owned by the customer are stored, cut to order, then delivered according to needs.
  • The setting up of the "supplier of advanced warehouses": These storage areas are set out all over the world, near the manufacturing customers, enabling ACOME to address the daily procurement requirements.

In all, ACOME has a total of 13 000 m2 of indoor warehousing and 30 000 m2 of outside space to address every requirement and keep optimized stops to meet customer needs.

Standard packaging

Conditionnement standard

Conditionnement standard

All ACOME products are marketed in standard packaging to address customer expectations to the letter. However, cutting certain products to order can also be part of the services rendered by the Group (under special invoicing conditions).

And optimized to the re-system

Système de livraison optimisé

Système de livraison optimisé

The quality of its customer delivery services in the allotted times is part of the priorities at ACOME. To meet these goals, the Group has set up all means required:

  • delivery times adjusted to the urgency of the site: ACOME proposes to its customers, on order, three different delivery options, modulated according to the packaging and the desired product: standard delivery, express troubleshooting and guaranteed lead-time.
  • In France, in addition to its facility at Mortain, ACOME has a distribution platform at Genas (Rhône-Alpes), guaranteeing that its customers get delivery times of between 24 and 48 hours all over the country.
  • Optimized import-export operations control: ACOME products stored at Mortain are delivered, with or without an appointment, from the industrial site to France, Europe and overseas.
  • An efficient traceability system: ACOME identifies all its handling units by a barcode to obtain complete traceability all the way down the logistic chain. A tracking system also keeps an eye on the deliveries, from the point of shipping to the place of delivery.
  • Whatever the urgency and the size of the shipments, ACOME's logistical service makes sure that the transport facilities are suitable: local deliveries, batches, express deliveries, maritime shipping, air or multimode shipping etc., with a permanent goal: customer satisfaction.

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