Gender equality index

Friday 11 March 2022
ACOME scores 83/100 in 2021

ACOME SA obtained an overall score of 83 points on the gender equality index.

The law "for the freedom to choose one's professional future" of 5 September 2018 aims to make progress within companies in terms of equal pay for women and men in France. In accordance with one of its provisions, companies must now calculate and publish their gender equality score every year.

For the year 2021, ACOME SA achieved a score of 83 points (out of 100), thanks to measures implemented as part of our negotiated policy and successive agreements on professional equality between women and men.



Gender pay gap 38/40

Difference in the distribution of individual increases


Distribution gap between promotions


Number of employees with increased salary upon their return from maternity leave


Number of people of the underrepresented sex among the 10 highest remunerations


INDEX / 100 points



Indicator Progress goal
Pay gap 0% gender pay gap not justified by objective reasons
Promotion Rate Gap Increase in the rate of feminization of the manager profession by at least 0.5 points per year
Ten highest earners Increase in the rate of feminization of senior management and management functions (Hay level 19 and above) by 0.5 points per year


Representation gap among senior executives  
Percentage of women among senior managers 17%
Percentage of men among senior managers 83%
Representation gap among members of governing bodies  
Percentage of women among members of governing bodies 42%
Percentage of men among members of governing bodies 58%


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