Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic: preventive measures

Wednesday 18 March 2020
The ACOME Group takes the appropriate measures to ensure its employees health and the continuity of service to its customers.

Following the key announcements by the French Government on the 16th March to help reducing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and pressure on the sanitary system, our Group is mobilized and takes the current situation extremely serious in the management of its activities.

We are living through the worst sanitary crisis in memory, which is considered as “a major international health crisis” by the World Health Organization. It moves every day and no one knows how much time would be needed to return to normal situation.

A specific system for monitoring and responding to everyone's concerns is in place. We are also acting in accordance with directives from relevant authorities in each country we operate and recommendations of the World Health Organization.

At the time of writing, the European Union's borders have been closed for the 30 next days from today.

Our two focus areas are both our employee health and securing the supply chain in order to ensure continuity of services to our customers. It has led us to take a number of protective practical measures:

  • Business trips are prohibited until further notice ;
  • Our events, like our 2020 SYMPOSIUM, are cancelled ;
  • Social interactions are very limited (meetings or host visitors) ;
  • Protective gestures recommended by health authorities must be respected.

In such uncertain circumstances, we are fully focused -in a collective and civic effort- on achieving quality and effectiveness of our superfast broadband networks in France and Europe. By providing the opportunity of teleworking, medical teleconsultation, e-learning and social link, they help us to overcome together that sanitary crisis.

Our EMEA industrial plants and our sales teams take the necessary measures to ensure continuity of service to our customers and organize consequently the work operating in downgraded mode.

According to the request of the Chinese authorities: the Xintai site has been able to resume its activity since February 20, the Zhuhai site reopened on February 11, the Shanghai commercial teams are operational and the teams of our two industrial sites based in Wuhan organize and take the necessary measures to prepare the return to normal of the production sites.

In Brazil, our industrial plant is fully operational. 

As you are aware, the situation is subject to rapid changes, we will keep you informed in case of developments which may impact our services or deliveries.

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