Réseaux télécoms optique et FTTH_MCD1552


Compact Tube® micro-cables for blowing or floating through micro-ducts


  • Blowable through 8/10 (up to 72 OF), 12/10 mm (96 OF), 12/16mm (144 OF) micro-ducts
  • Low friction resistance
  • Variants available on request (colour code, fibre type, etc.)
  • Quick and easy, this cable features Compact Tube® technology, which enables access to fibres without any special tools and avoids the risks of straw effect.



  • ACOPTIC® brings together ACOME’s optical cables solutions for Telecom networks.
  • The MCD1552 series offers a blowable cable solution featuring the benefits of Compact Tube® technology from 12 to 144 OF for installation in micro-ducts as part of access and collection network infrastructures.  

General characteristics

schéma coupe MCD1552


  1. Central strength member: FRP strength member
  2. Compact Tube: 12 single-mode coloured optical fibres assembled under tearable thermoplastic sheathing
  3. Waterproofing: Dry waterproofing via water-swelling elements
  4. Outer jacket: Polyethylene envelope, with low-friction coefficient, without straw effect


Item code Range Structure Modularity Fibre count Fibre type Marking Colour code
N8585A MCD1552 Z1250 M12 12 FO G652D ACOME Std
N8586A MCD1552 Z1250 M12 24 FO G652D ACOME Std
N8587A MCD1552 Z1250 M12 36 FO G652D ACOME Std
N8588A MCD1552 Z1250 M12 48 FO G652D ACOME Std
N8590A MCD1552 Z1250 M12 72 FO G652D ACOME Std
N8591A MCD1552 Z1251 M12 96 FO G652D ACOME Std
N8592A MCD1552 Z1252 M12 144 FO G652D ACOME Std


Color code

code couleurs MCD1552


Norms and standards

General standards
  • CEI/EN 60793
  • CEI/EN 60794-1
  • CEI/EN 60794-5



Storage and installation
  • The cables are supplied with protective wrapping that must be maintained until the product has been fully used. 
  • The rules for storage, transport, and cable laying are described in our ACOPTIC Guide.


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