An innovative international industrial group
ACOME is an innovative international industrial group renowned for its highly technical cabling systems, tubes, and accessories for the telecommunications, automotive and construction industries.
Our activities are driven by a long-term strategy and our specialisation in products using technology to provide high added-value.
As a responsible industrial company and leader in our field, our mission is to provide sustainable solutions for network development. We work to ensure the sustainability of the company by upholding our fundamental cooperative values

Jacques de Heere - CEO - ACOME Group
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€ 600
million in turnover
59% of which originates outside France
EMEA: 75% - China: 20% - South America: 5%
€ 100
Investments 2021–2025

A technological champion of French industry, ACOME has succeeded in consolidating its French foundation and achieving harmonious development internationally. The Group operates on four continents with its industrial and commercial subsidiaries in EMEA (France, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, Germany), Asia (China, Japan) and Latin America (Brazil). This allows us to be as close as possible to major principals in order to support and supply our international customers.

In all areas where we are present, we seek to be a trusted partner to our customers through our reliability, our understanding of their needs, our ability to serve them and the quality of our products.

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production sites
logistics platforms
research and development centres
(France, China)

Sustained investments in industry and innovation

To support the growth and transformation of our markets while remaining a reliable partner to major buyers, we continuously invest in our industrial facilities to raise our production capacity, improve our industrial performance and increase our competitiveness.

As a technology company, ACOME has made innovation a driver of its growth model.

Each year, the Group invests in research and development to meet the challenges of the highly competitive automotive and Telecom sectors and to strengthen its technological leadership.