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Innovating for a connected world
As a technology company, ACOME has made innovation a lever of its growth model. The challenge lies in Driving innovation at the same pace as a fastchanging market.

Technological champion of the French cable industry

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The challenge of industrial policy is to place ACOME plants in the top tier of world-class sites 

With industrial sites on four continents, ACOME is a world-class industrial company that puts industrial performance and innovation first to ensure its long-term sustainability.

The Group offers its customers high-tech cabling based on French R&D know-how and the Group’s industrial excellence. Each industrial site applies the same standards of excellence and quality on all four continents. This technological and industrial expertise forms a key factor for succeeding in a highly competitive international market.

Production model modernisation and operational excellence at all sites lie at the heart of the Group's industrial policy. This policy should enable ACOME to strengthen its growth momentum, backed by a €70 million investment programme between 2017 and 2020. This budget is mainly dedicated to increasing industrial production capacity, transforming the industrial management system, laying the foundations for plant 4.0, and innovation.

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Multidisciplinary technological expertise

ACOME has developed a wide range of knowledge and know-how in the fields of materials chemistry, metallurgy (wire drawing), glass fibre drawing (fibre optics), assembly of metal conductors and optical fibres (cabling) and plastics processing (sheathing).

Within the Group's R&D centre of excellence, the "Process, Product & System Simulation" department studies the rheological properties of polymers applied to extrusion, cooling systems and electron beam irradiation processes (electro-physical cross-linking: E-beam) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The Group's research centre of excellence is a value chain asset for the Group's competitiveness”
Aurélien Bergonzo, Director of Research, Innovation & Technology

Aurélien Bergonzo - Director of Research, Innovation, Technology and Outlook - ACOME Group

New materials and compounds

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ACOME is one of the few industrial companies to make its own compounds (polymer blends) for use in wire insulation production, cable sheathing and tube manufacture: the mixing workshop supplies the compounds to all the Group's plants. Mastering the formulation of these insulating materials allows the Group to meet the highest technological requirements.

The Materials Division focuses its work on improving the processability of the conductive materials (copper, aluminium and alloys) used in the composition of wires and cables for buildings, Telecom infrastructure and motor vehicles.

ACOME is pursuing research and development in fibre optics, of which it is now the third largest European manufacturer. At the heart of the Telecom and IT infrastructures of tomorrow, fibre optics will offer capacities well beyond those of today, with theoretical speeds up to several hundred Gbit/s.

Our fire testing and qualification laboratory is in-house and Cofrac-accredited

Visuel Innovation RPC

With more than 2000 products concerned, the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) was an important topic for ACOME. All measurements of propagation, heat release, smoke opacity, corrosivity and toxicity were carried out in its fire test laboratory.

The fire testing laboratory is housed at the Mortain industrial site in France, with staff certified to carry out fire performance tests specific to the electrical field. The laboratory is accredited by Cofrac (Cofrac accreditation: testing laboratory - ISO CEI 17025 2017 version - Accreditation n°1-1114 -See for scope), which confers official status to the tests carried out there. It is one of the first laboratories in France to have its accreditation renewed according to the new version of the 17025 standard (applicable since 1 January 2019).

New innovative materials with increasingly high fire resistance performance have also been developed in line with the new criteria introduced by the CPR. ACOME is thus able to supply cables for all new CPR Euroclasses and remains ahead of the regulations curve in these markets.


ACOME has joined the DataLab Normandie, a consortium driven by the Normandy Region, which aims to develop a data ecosystem in Normandy.
ACOME SA obtained an overall score of 86 points on the gender equality index
ACOME and its partner ALSATIS are launching a 5G testing platform at its multi-plant site in Romagny (Manche) to test new practices for Industry 4.0.