Telecom networks and FTTH

ACOME will participate to INCA's "Scaling up" conference

This conference will deliver an outstanding overview of the state of the art in products and services across for network designers, builders and operators and will bring together the people and organisations that are creating Gigabit Britain.

Gender equality index

ACOME scores 83/100 in 2020.

ACOME Morocco is ISO 45001 certified

As part of its health and safety at work policy and its continuous improvement initiatives, ACOME Morocco, an industrial site dedicated to the production of automotive wires and cables, successfully obtains ISO 45001 certification.
Telecom networks and FTTH

ACOME highlights the impact of choices and uses on networks carbon footprint.

While digital power consumption is still increasing, it seems appropriate to reflect upon the carbon footprint of telecom technologies, uses and infrastructures choices.
Smart buildings

PoE : un livre blanc publié par le SYCABEL

Le livre blanc présente la technologie du PoE, ses bases normatives ainsi que ses principes d'installation et ses perspectives d'évolution.
Smart buildings

ACOME, signatory to the IGNES-SYCABEL charter

The members of the IGNES and SYCABEL unions have mobilized to guarantee compliant and efficient residential communication networks.

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Technological flagship of the French industry, specialist in high-tech cables in the automotive and data networks markets, ACOME is a major player ...

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