Telecom networks and FTTH

“ACOME’s history is closely related to the development of telecommunication infrastructures in France. Almost one third of the fibre installed in France comes from our industrial site in Normandy. We are now concentrating our efforts on enabling this wonderful industrial factory, with a production capacity of 10 million kilometres of cabled optical fibre, to supply the key markets that are currently expanding their ultrafast broadband and mobile coverage.
We are reinventing ourselves to become the European supplier of reference in the telecommunication infrastructures market”

Director of the Telecommunication Networks and Infrastructures branch

Present in the telecoms sector for 90 years, the ACOME Group has established itself as a leader and benchmark supplier in its markets for passive components (cables and connectivity equipment) intended for telecommunications infrastructures.

Whether it is copper, optical and radio frequency transmission technologies, ACOME innovate, manufacture and deliver high-performance solutions allowing us to meet the needs of our customers in France and abroad.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner to meet the challenges of the sustainability of telecom networks and support the transformation of very high speed broadband networks.

Our subsidiary Idea Optical brings its expertise in fibre optic cable management and connection systems. 
Discover all Idea Optical products dedicated to telecom & FttH networks here.


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Telecom networks and FTTH
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