Telecom networks and FTTH

In the telecommunications sector for almost 90 years, ACOME has established itself as a leader and benchmark supplier in its markets for passive components (cables and connectivity equipment) intended for telecommunications infrastructures.

Whether it is copper, optical and radio frequency transmission technologies, we innovate to design, manufacture and deliver high-performance solutions allowing us to meet the needs of our customers in France and abroad.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner to meet the challenges of the sustainability of telecom networks and support the transformation of very high speed broadband networks.

Discovering the submarkets

Optical telecom networks and FTTH

Optical cables and FTTH solutions for multiple applications and configurations of telecom infrastructure networks

Copper telecom networks

Copper cables going from the subscriber access node to the end point at the subscriber

Mobile telecom networks

Hypercell®, an innovative solution of cables and systems to support the transformation of mobile networks
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Telecom networks and FTTH
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Telecom networks and FTTH
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Telecom networks and FTTH
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