Optical and copper cable ranges for the intercity rail market

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Signal box cables

    Product List

  • SCG
    Local signal cable Intercity railways
  • Local cables for signalling Intercity railways - Signalling - Local cables

Balise cables

    Product List

  • Speed control (French system) Intercity railways - Balise cables

Signal cables

    Product List

  • LGV (High-Speed Lines) Intercity railways - Main signal cables
  • Intercity railway signal cable (LGV and AC-electrified lines)
  • Intercity railway signal cable (DC-electrified lines)

Telecommunication cables

    Product List

  • Fibre optics telecommunications - Intercity railways
  • Telecommunications - Main optical cables Intercity (High-Speed/LGV and conventional lines)
  • Halogen-free optical cable Urban railway - Telecommunication K209B & K209C specification SNCF approved

Work cables

    Product List

  • SV
    Earthing cable or Shunt Intercity railways - Work cables
  • Connecting cables Intercity railways - Work cables

Cables for substations and equipment centres

    Product List

  • Connecting cables Intercity railway - Indoor equipment for substations and switchgear
  • Cables for substations and switchgear Intercity railways
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