Mobile telecom networks

After FttH, ACOME is making the 5th generation of mobile networks a focus for development.
Mobile networks are essential to the development of new Internet uses linked to connected mobility.
Taking over from the smart city, connected territories (or smart territories) are intended to meet the challenges of the ecological transition through responsible digital tools. In this emerging market dedicated to digital sobriety, ACOME anticipates the deployment of products based on coaxial cables (such as those manufactured by the Group in its dedicated unit in Xintai) and optical fibre (manufactured in its Normandy plant).

Mobile networks are essential to the development of new internet uses, linked to connected mobility.

ACOME Group support mobile telecommunications operators by developing cabling solutions adapted to their needs.

With our Hypercell®, solutions, cables and hybrid systems integrating energy conductors and optical fiber, ACOME facilitate and optimize the deployment of future infrastructure networks tomorrow.

Find the product sheets of our mobile telecom solutions:

  • Hypercell® Coaxial Antenna Line
  • Hypercell® Fiber To The Antenna Solutions
  • Hypercell® Microwave Cabling System
  • Hypercell® Remote Powering Hybrid Site Solutions
  • Hypercell® DAS Solutions for Mobile Coverage of Buildings 

Our subsidiary Idea Optical - a specialist in connectivity products - offers a complete range of innovative and high performance solutions to meet the requirements of mobile network infrastructures. 
Discover all Idea Optical products dedicated to mobile telecom networks here.


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