Automotive industry

“As a partner of reference for OEMs and integrators, we must continue to propose innovative solutions for applications in which cables can play a part in reducing the weight or cost of a vehicle. ACOME’s expertise in materials chemistry, plasturgy (compounds) and metal sciences and the Group’s commitment to provide an efficient response to the challenges related to the cabling systems required for new energy vehicles are the best allies for this strategy.”

STÉPHANE SAMSON, Director of the Automotive Industry branch

ACOME supports its customers' development to meet the various technological challenges related to electromobility, connectivity, safety, environment and competitiveness.

Discover our whole range of cables designed for the latest generation of hybrid, electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.

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Automotive industry
ACOME wins the prestigious 2023 Technology and Innovation Award at the LEONI Supplier Summit, ranking among the top 100 suppliers for cabling systems.
Automotive industry
ACOME rises to the challenges of the electromobility and the ultra-connectivity !
Automotive industry
ACOME presents its new ranges at High voltage power cables with our E-layer technology®, Twinskin®, Datacables, developed and patented by ACOME to build the spine of the powernet architecture inside electric and hybrid vehicles.