Cabling solution for the industry of the future

The ACOME range meets all requirements for building communication networks inside industrial premises: from connecting production facilities to rolling out the Internet of Things and 5G mobile networks. 

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HEMERA Industry solution

    Product List

  • Manageable 4-port PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet switch including 2 PoE+ copper ports (PSE) and 2 optical ports on SFP
  • Centralized power supply 56V CC - 960W
  • Universal PACe sleeve
  • iCOM-4 DIN-rail case
  • Shutter Clip
  • Armoured optical cable
  • PoE media converter (PSE)
  • HEMERA Rack
  • Category 6 RJ45 connector, EA class with locking hook
  • Cable Fastening and fan-out box
  • Cable Fastening and fan-out box
  • iCOM-4 DIN-rail case
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