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Centralized power supply 56V CC - 960W


  • Compact size, metal housing
  • Secure Hiccup plus protection
  • Overcurrent: 150% for 4s
  • Very high reliability: MTBF > MTBF > 400,000 hrs at full load and 40°C
  • Fast and safe connection (spring terminals and levers)
  • Temperature range: --25°C / +60°C
  • Setting of the output voltage from 48 to 54V
  • No current peak at power-up (minimum upstream protection 10A curve B or curve C not included)
  • Stamped for international standards: CE - ULGL Efficiency: 95%
  • Resistance to micro-power failures: 23ms at full load at 230V. Protected against idle operation
  • Possibility of parallel or series connection
  • External blocking input


The centralised power remotely supplies equipment with SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) through a building.
Positioned at the distributor in the network rack, the power supply enables the necessary power to be supplied through an electricity backbone for the proper operation of the connected equipment. With 4 2000W block slots, its modular power (up to 8000W) makes it adaptable to different needs. Manageable via an RJ45 Ethernet port, it allows the user to configure the power supply remotely.


General characteristics


  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 125 mm x 124 mm x 127 mm
  • Weight per piece (excluding packaging): 1800 g
  • Mounting method: DIN rail
  • Temperature range: - -25°C / +60°C
  • Setting of the output voltage from 48 to 56V
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Active PFC
  • Output voltage monitoring relay
  • Protected against short-circuit, overload, and no-load operation
  • Connection method: Screw terminals
  • Warranty period: 36 month






HEMERA_Centralised power supply 56V DC - 960W

1 unit


Parallel connection module 2X960W

1 unit



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