ACOME, signatory to the IGNES-SYCABEL charter

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Thursday 9 July 2020
The members of the IGNES and SYCABEL unions have mobilized to guarantee compliant and efficient residential communication networks.

ACOME, member of SYCABEL, is signatory to the IGNES-SYCABEL charter and undertakes that its residential copper cables for the GRADE 2 TV and GRADE 3 TV communication networks comply with the standards in force.

The distribution of communication services in the housing must, since September 1, 2016, date of application of the XP C 90-483 standard, allow access to the telephone, to audiovisual communication services (terrestrial, satellite, and cable networks ) and digital data (Ethernet network with a minimum speed of 1Gbit / s).

Thus,this modification offers a guarantee of harmonization of the installations in the dwellings, more comfort to the users, a scalability of the dwellings, while controlling as much as possible the costs of the infrastructures.

For more information on the operation and connection methods of a residential communication network:



For more information on our GRADE 2 TV and GRADE 3 TV cables, fiind our news GRADE 2 TV et GRADE 3 TV.

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