ACOME has taken over the French start-up ENERGIE IP

Smart buildings
Monday 14 February 2022
The French group ACOME is expanding its range of smart building solutions.

The French group ACOME, manufacturer of high-tech cables and components for the telecoms and automotive sectors, is taking over the French start-up ENERGIE IP.


Formed in 2015, ENERGIE IP designs and sells the market’s best-performing innovative and patented technical building management solution (BMS) based on PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. It equips nearly 50,000 m² of offices in Ile-de-France, including the Evidence building in Saint-Ouen, which has HQE, Wiredscore and BREEM labels.



This solution uses ethernet cables (rather than power cables) to transmit both data and power using a very low voltage direct current.

It is used to power and control all electrical equipment associated with office buildings’ comfort, such as LED lighting, blinds and air conditioning, while reducing energy consumption.

It makes buildings smarter and more scalable and facilitates the implementation of user services, with simplified maintenance that can be controlled remotely.


The ENERGIE IP solution is an excellent complement to ACOME’s cabling and service offers. This operation demonstrates the Group's desire to develop its system sales in Europe and meet smart buildings’ new connectivity challenges in line with RE2020.


With this in mind, ACOME plans to invest this year in designing and marketing new smart building solutions based on the technology developed by ENERGIE IP.


The ENERGIE IP team will be based at the ACOME head office in Paris and led by Antoine Cussac, ENERGIE IP Development Director, who will report directly to Anne-Sophie Decourrière, Director of the ACOME Building branch.


  • Jacques de Heere, Chairman-Chief Executive Officer of the ACOME Group


‘’The building sector (and service buildings especially) have been sorely tested by the pandemic. At the same time, the transition is accelerating. ACOME is preparing for private network transformation with new “Smart-X” solutions (smart buildings, smart industries, etc.) and is taking up the challenge around buildings’ digital continuity so that it can climb the value chain and sell all-encompassing solutions. Now more than ever, innovation is at the heart of the ACOME drive, so that we can develop new solutions and value-added, low-carbon products.”



  • Anne-Sophie Decourriere, Director of the ACOME Building, City, & Transport Branch


‘’The technical complementarity between ACOME and ENERGIE IP is strong, and it is enabling us to create a hub of excellence in terms of solutions for the smart building market, with a view to better meeting our customers' expectations. We are fully committed to the ACOME 2025 strategy.”



  • Antoine Cussac, ENERGIE IP Development Director


‘’We are delighted to welcome the ENERGIE IP business into ACOME, a strong French manufacturing group that is a leader in the telecoms and building sectors. Equipping the first service-sector building in the world with a new-generation BMS entirely on IP with ACOME cabling marked the first successful collaboration between our two companies. Thanks to our complementary expertise, this merger will make it possible to sustain the solution over time and expand the relevant markets.

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