Optical telecom networks and FTTH

Optical cables and FTTH solutions for multiple applications and configurations of telecom infrastructure networks

Expert in telecommunication infrastructure networks, we are now recognized as a major player in the deployment of very high speed broadband networks across all segments (long distance networks, longhaul networks, access networks, cables for building and housing, ...).

In France and abroad, we provide operators, local authorities, integrators and installers with global, innovative and scalable cabling solutions to deploy their FTTH networks (and offer fiber to subscribers).

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Duct cables for longhaul and access networks

Overhead cables for longhaul and access networks

Specific cables for longhaul and access networks

    Product List

  • Dielectric cables for direct-buried
  • Steel armoured cables for sewer and direct-buried
  • High Capacity Compact tube cable - 12 to 144 Fibres Stainless steel - Halogen-free Telecommunications

Cabling for longhaul and access network nodes (OXC, POP & ODF)

FTTH – Multi-dwelling units (MDU) connection and wiring

FTTH – Façade and single-dwelling units (SDU) connection

Antenna line

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