Réseaux télécoms optiques et FTTH_PAD3828


Pre-terminated risers Mod4 50% pre-term


  • Complies with 4-fibre regulations in very dense areas
  • No riser cable welding at the bottom of the building
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • Full product traceability


  • The pre-terminated distribution cable is used for FTTH connections in building risers.
  • The permanently accessible Home-PACe cable used allows for straight mid-span branching to be done at the floor-specific connection points.
  • A two-level splitting system makes installation at the foot of the building particularly easy in the event of wiring infrastructure for a multi-operator building (4-fibre cabling architecture).
  • The first stage splitter separates and routes each operator's fibres to specific outlet ducts.
  • The second stage splitter carries out the individual retubing of each fibre into a 900μm tube whose end is terminated by a SC/APC connector for red and yellow fibres, the green and blue fibres being left without connectors.

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