Copper telecom networks

Copper cables going from the subscriber access node to the end point at the subscriber

ACOME is one of the three main European manufacturers of copper conductor network cables. We supply more than twenty telecom operators in Europe and around the world with copper conductor cables with high transmission characteristics, enabling efficient xDSL deployments.

Our range of copper cables are suitable for exceptional uses and environments, in particular those resistant to fire.

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    Product List

  • Overhead subscriber cables 1 x 4-wire 8/10 - 5-10 series
  • Overhead subscriber cables 1 pair 6/10 - 5-99 series
  • Duct subscriber cables 1 x 4-wire 6/10 and 8/10 - 92 series
  • 4-wire subscriber cables 6/10 - 835 series

Switching stations

    Product List

  • LSOH 4-wire cables for high frequency transmissions 5/10 - L804 series
  • LSOH paired cables for high frequency transmissions 5/10 - L904 series
  • Paired jumper 4/10 - L905 series
  • Low frequency jumpers
  • PVC 4-wire cables for high frequency transmissions 5/10 - L907 series
  • LSOH screen multi-paired cables for digital transmissions 5/10 - TR/SP-121

Cables for distribution network

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