TR / SP-121

LSOH screen multi-paired cables for digital transmissions 5/10 - TR/SP-121


  • ACOME's TR/SP-121 series cables have been used for decades in fixed Telecom networks in France, Africa and the Middle East.
  • From the outset, these cables have satisfied the highest quality transmission requirements. They still provide very high speed transmission for ADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL protocols of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


  • TR/SP-121 series cables are individually shielded twisted pair installation cables for digital transmissions. 
  • They are used to connect transmission equipment to the switch.
  • These cables have fibre counts of 1, 8 and 16 pairs with 5/10 conductors. They are fitted with a beige ZHT sheath.
  • They provide high-speed data transmission up to 2Mbit/s.

General characteristics

coupe descriptif TR/SP 212

  1. Conductor: Red copper wire
  2. Insulation: Double layer polyethylene
  3. Assembly: Pairs
  4. Pair shielding: Tinned copper continuity wire / Numbered aluminium tape
  5. General shielding: Tinned copper continuity wire / Double-sided polyester aluminium tape (except 1 p.: SF) / Tinned copper braid
  6. Protection: ZHT sheath beige RAL1015
Item code Range Assembly Number of pairs Diameter of the conductor Marking Colour code
R7375A TR/SP-121 Pairs 13 p.   ACOME Std
R7378A TR/SP-121 Pairs 20 p.   ACOME Std
R7379A TR/SP-121 Pairs 16 p.   ACOME Std
Color code

code couleurs TR SP 121


Norms and standards


ROHS 2002/95/CE

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