Réseaux télécoms optique et FTTH_COR1861


Pushable Optical Fibre Drop Cable for Subscriber Connection - Indoor - LSOH - Dielectric - From 1 to 4 fibres


  • Low friction sheath to ease sliding into the duct
  • Its small size (2x3mm) and  stiffness make it perfect for congested ducts.
  • Save time by avoiding the use of a draw-in needle
  • Easily pushable



  • ACOPTIC® is the brand name for ACOME Groups optical fibre cable solutions for telecom networks.
  • The COR range belongs to our solutions for connecting FTTH subscribers to the Network.
  • Protected by LSOH sheath, they have excellent mechanical properties in terms of crush resistance and tensile strength.
  • The COR1861 cables are used to connect the optical terminal to the communications box. These cables are lightweight and have optimised size.
  • This cable is particularly suitable for duct installation by pushing





Storage and installation
  • Cables are delivered with a covering for protection until they are required for installation.  
  • Guidelines for storage, transportation & cable installation can be found in our ACOPTIC guide.


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