ACOME_ Réseaux télécoms optique et FTTH_CCC1577


Outdoor fibre optic Cable Multi-uses (overhead, direct buried, duct). Anti-rodent - anti balistic - dielectric. From 6 to 144 Fibres


  • High environmental performance: suitable for long spans with challenging climatic conditions
  • Multi-application: Can be used in overhead, duct or directly buried applications.
  • Anti-rodent: Features reinforced rodent resistant strength members.
  • Anti-ballistic: Shotgun-resistant protection
  • Compact-Tube® technology for tool-free access to the fibre and easy storage of the module in Connectivity.



  • ACOPTIC® is the brand name for ACOME Groups optical fibre cable solutions for telecom networks.
  • The CCC1577 range is designed to allow long span applications on overhead infrastructure (up to 200 m).
  • The CCC1577 range offers excellent environmental performance  (wind, ice, etc. ). Usually used for connecting central offices or for the FTTH transport with G1 conditions.
  • The CCC1577 range also features rodent resistance and can be used in underground ducts.



Storage and installation
  • Cables are delivered with a covering for protection until they are required for installation.  
  • Guidelines for storage, transportation & cable installation can be found in our ACOPTIC guide.

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