Indoor / Outdoor Optical Fibre Cable for Installation by Pulling - Steel Armoured - LSOH
From 12 to 288 fibres


  • Steel armor: high rodent protection
  • LSOH flame-retardant sheath
  • Compact-Tube® technology for tool-free access to the fibre and easy storage of the module in Connectivity.
  • Easy cable preparation with no risk of kinks on Compact-Tube® optical elements (end or mid-span).



  • ACOPTIC® is the brand name for ACOME Groups optical fibre cable solutions for telecom networks.
  • This cable is recommended for connecting outdoor and indoor networks, thanks to its LSOH flame-retardant sheath made from low-smoke, halogen-free material.
  • They benefit from excellent mechanical protection: a corrugated  steel armor placed between two thermoplastic sheaths provides excellent resistance to impact and crushing, as well as perfect protection against rodents.



Mise en oeuvre
  • Les câbles sont fournis avec un emballage de protection qui doit être maintenu jusqu’à complète utilisation du produit.
  • Les règles de stockage, transport, et pose des câbles sont définis dans notre guide ACOPTIC.

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