Réseaux télécoms optique et FTTH_UNC1566


Optical Fibre Cable for Duct Installation - Outdoor - Dielectric - Reinforced pulling force - From 12 to 144 fibres


  • Dielectric and dry water blocking

  • Compact-Tube® technology for tool-free access to the fibre and easy storage of the module in Connectivity.

  • Easy cable preparation with no risk of kinking on Compact-Tube® optical elements (end or mid-span).

  • Anti-rodent: the glass wicks surrounding the optical fibres partially protect the cable from rodents.

  • Additional ACOREX® rodent protection option available





ACOPTIC® is the brand name for ACOME Groups optical fibre cable solutions for telecom networks.

  • The ACOME UNC range has been developed to meet the needs of telecom network operators seeking proven compact, robust solutions for installing cables into ducts and gutter.
  • The UNC1566 cable range is particularly well adapted to meet the constraints of long distance (WAN) and metropolitan networks (MAN).
  • These cables are robust, compact and light and can be installed    by pulling, blowing or floating.
  • Completely dielectric, the cables are reinforced with composite materials embedded in a very hard HDPE outer sheath and a flexible fibre glass strength member. These cables, are particularly light (a factor Tmax/weight well above 2) can be deployed over very long distances.



Storage and installation
  • Cables are delivered with a covering for protection until they are required for installation.  
  • Guidelines for storage, transportation & cable installation can be found in our ACOPTIC guide.


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