Réseaux télécoms optiques et FTTH_UNX1835


Indoor/ Outdoor Optical Fibre Cable for Installation in Data Centres - Dielectric - LSOH - 2 to 24 fibres


  • Its fire-retardant, multi-purpose LSOH sheath is suitable for outdoor installations (water-repellent, UV-resistant).
  • Compact-Tube® technology for tool-free access to the fibre and easy storage of the module in connectivity.
  • Easy cable preparation with no risk of kinking on Compact-Tube® optical elements (end or mid-span).



ACOPTIC® is the brand name for ACOME Groups optical fibre cable solutions for telecom networks.

  • The UNX1835 patch cable has been designed to meet the cabling needs of data centres.
  • Compact, highly resistant to tensile strength, crush, heat and UV lighting rays, it is suitable for installation in data centres where the environment can be challenging .

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