UND1344 ULW 36fo


Overhead Ultra Light Weight ( OH ULW ) cable with span up to 55m


  • PIA listed, compliance to ULW UK expectations
  • Easier and safer fibre access, thanks to the embedded ACOME Compact-Tube®  technology, just pinch and drag (no tool needed, no particles left)
  • Self supported cable
  • Made in Western Europe


  • ACOPTIC® brings together ACOME’s optical cables solutions for Telecom networks. 
  • UND1344 is generally used for overhead in the distribution part of the FTTH access network.
  • ACOME has specifically developed this UND1344 range of light weight drop type design and construction cables, for installation in the UK Fibre Network in Overhead and Underground environments
  • UND1344 supports span lengths up to 55m or, exceptionally, 70m (contact us to validate your case)


General characteristics

Coupe UND1344

  1. 250µm Single Mode fibres (G6522D, G657 A1/A2)
  2. Compact Tubes® 12 fibres bundles
  3. Watertightness with dry water blocking elements
  4. Metalic lateral supporting parts
  5. Outer jacket: Black HD polyethylene
  6. External yellow markings


Structure Cable Ø Nominal Weight (from 12 to 48fo) Breaking Streng

Max. allowable Tension (N, @0,667%)

High  Voltage Test Crush resistance Min. static bending radius
Z1350 7 mm 34 to 39 kg/km 1350-2000 N 1200 N Affords 11kV and 15kV high voltages environments 200 N/cm 80 mm
Temperatures UND1344
Transport & Storage -40°C/+70°C
Installation -5°C/+50°C
Operation -40°C/+70°C
Nb fiber / tube 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  Blue Orange Green Red grey Yellow Brown Violet Black White pink Aqua
Alternative colour code can be implemented on request              
  • Printing type : Inkjet
  • Standard marking : ULW - OH - fibre qty - OPTICAL FIBRE CABLE - ACOME - Year Week - xxxxx/ P/N + metric
  • Custom marking on request


P/N (i) Fibre Count Modularity Nb of Compact Tubes® Fibre type Cable Diameter Construction range Drum type (for standard length) Standard delivery length (m)
H0148* 12fo 12fo 1 G657A1 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
H0189* 24fo 12fo 2 G657A1 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
H0149* 36fo 12fo 3 G657A1 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
H0150* 48fo 12fo 4 G657A1 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
H0224* 12fo 12fo 1 G657A2 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
H0227* 24fo 12fo 2 G657A2 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
H0225* 36fo 12fo 3 G657A2 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
H0226* 48fo 12fo 4 G657A2 250µm 7mm Z1350 C 4000
* an additional suffix defines color code and marking

Norms and standards

Fibres and Cables respectively in accordance with IEC/EN 60793 and IEC/EN 60794-1



The cables are supplied with protective wrapping that must be maintained until the product has been fully used.

The rules for storage, transport, and cable laying are described in our ACOPTIC Guide.


ACOME overhead cables are fully compatible with a set of standart accesories.



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