Product picture ACOME K209


Halogen-free optical cable
Urban railway - Telecommunication
K209B & K209C specification
SNCF approved


  • Excellent impact and crush resistance
  • Resistance to mineral oils, acids and bases
  • Rodent protection
  • Installation in tunnels or in establishments open to the public


  • Telecoms and signaling links dedicated to suburban infrastructures
  • Halogen-free cables laid on hooks, pulled in ducts or technical sheaths over a recommended maximum length of 500 m
  • Cables specially defined for installation in tunnels (road, subway, rail) and to ensure the safety of people in establishments open to the public

General characteristics



  1. “Compact tube” : 6 or 12 single-mode or multi-mode optical fibers 50/125 assembled under “peelable” thermoplastic skin
  2. Tightness : water blocking element
  3. Thermoplastic tube
  4. Reinforcements by water blocking glass yarns
  5. Copolymer steel ring armor
  6. Halogen-free black outer sheath indoor/outdoor

Marquage (hot foil printing, white) : ACOME K209 fiber count & type product reference Euroclasse B2ca-s1a,d1,a1 year and week of manufacture + metric



12 fibers

1421 series

24 fibers

1421 series

36 fibers

1425 series

48 fibers

1415 series

72 to 144 fibers

Nominal diameter (mm) 13.2 13.6 15.5
Nominal sheath thickness (mm) 1.6
Maximum pulling force (N) 1400 2000 2650
Crush resistance (N/10 cm) 3000
Minimum bending radius (mm) 270 280 310
Nominal weight (kg/km) 218 220 222 237 295
Fire performance Euroclass B2ca-s1a,d1,a1
Declaration of performance 22CCU0010 21CCU0008 21CCU0009
Temperature range Transport and storage -40 / +60 ° C
At the installation -5 / +50 ° C
In service -30 / +60 ° C
Standard packaging 4000 m drums Monomode Fiber / 4200 m Multimode Fiber




Storage, packaging and processing

The cables are supplied with protective packaging which must be kept until the product is completely used.

The rules for storing, transporting and laying cables are defined in our ACOPTIC guide:

Caractéristiques Valeurs
Gamme de température Transport et stockage -40 / +60°C
Installation -5 / +50°C
Opération (exploitation) -30 / +60°C



Monomode fiber G652D ACSM2D_PREMIUM

Monomode fiber G657A2 ACSM7A2

Multimode fibre 50/125 OM2 ACMM50_OM2

Multimode fiber 50/125 OM3 ACMM50_OM3

Multimode fiber 50/125 OM4 ACMM50_OM4


Cable content

Reference with fiber G652D

Reference with fiber G657A2

Reference with fiber 50/125 (OM2)

Reference with fiber 50/125 (OM3)

Reference with fiber 50/125 (OM4)

1431 12 fibres (2x6) H0330A H0498A H0464A H0476B H0506A
1421 24 fibres (4x6) H0331A H0324A H0502A H0490A H0491A
36 fibres (6x6) H0332A H0499A H0466B H0477B H0492A
1425 48 fibres (8x6) H0497A H0325A H0503A H0505A H0507A
1415 72 fibres (6x12) H0271C H0500A H0465A H0478B H0493A
144 fibres (12x12) N9594C H0501A H0504A H0230A H0231A

All cables are available on request in any type of 250µm fiber, singlemode or multimode, approved by ACOME.

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