ACOME cables along the Bretagne-Pays de la Loire LGV high-speed rail line


The Bretagne-Pays de la Loire LGV high-speed rail line, one of the largest structural projects in Europe, is an extension of the western branch of the Atlantique LGV high-speed rail line to Rennes and Nantes. With 182 km of new tracks and 32 km of connections to existing lines, its objective is to significantly improve the service in and attractiveness of Brittany and the Pays de la Loire. It has now been in service since 2017.
This line connects Paris to Rennes and reduces the journey time by 37 minutes, i.e. a journey of less than 1 hour 30 minutes. Trains can run up to 320 km/h.


LGV Bretagne-Pays de la Loire⎟SNCF

Bretagne-Pays de la Loire LGV high-speed rail lines⎟SNCF (France's national rail company)

LGV HIGH-SPEED RAIL LINE: a large-scale project 

This project led by Eiffage lasted five years and has employed up to 4,500 people since the summer of 2013. The SNCF, the State, local authorities and Europe have financed this major project for a total investment of 3.4 billion euros.

A partnership between the SNCF and Eiffage Energie Systèmes

This major project began with the signing of the contract in 2011 between the SNCF and Eiffage Energie Systèmes, the result of a public-private partnership.

This line was selected as part of the economic recovery plan for the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions.

Eiffage Energie Systèmes is thus responsible for designing, commissioning and maintaining the LGV high-speed rail lines.

The challenges of the LGV high-speed rail line project 

With such a project come great challenges.

For Eiffage, it was necessary to combine technical skills and compliance with requirements on product quality, safety and traceability as well as to control the supply chain in order to meet the production deadline. The SNCF manages traffic flows, while the maintenance and renewal of the LGV high-speed rail lines have been entrusted to Eiffage until 2036.

A wide range of Acome rail products approved by the SNCF for this project

The ACOME ZPAU-ZPFU-ZC03 signalling cables and CT2243 telecommunications cables were selected and then installed along the 182 km of tracks. Compliant with SNCF standards and meeting technical and safety requirements, these ranges are also subject to annual inspections by the SNCF.

Specific technical support and inventory management have been put in place to support Eiffage in the deployment of cables and handling of unforeseen events.

Câble de signalisation ZPAU

ZPAU signalling cable



Câble de télécommunication CT2243

CT2243 telecommunications cable


Discover our ZPAU and CT2243 cables

Customer testimonial from the Eiffage Energie Systèmes Group

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Acome is a trusted supplier for the ADP Group

ACOME is a leading supplier for the rail industry. In France, it is a long-standing partner of the SNCF and the RATP (Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration) and has supplied signalling cables for high-speed rail lines (LGV) in the French rail network.

Internationally, its cables can be found in the Eurotunnel as well as the metropolitan networks of Munich, Lisbon, Caracas, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Cairo and Jakarta.


Acome is committed to providing technical support and always providing quality products.


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