Suggestion ceremony: the annual meeting for continuous improvement

ACOME organized its suggestion ceremony to share the continuous improvement initiatives proposed by its employees.
Automotive industry

ACOME presents its innovations at EHV 2021 exhibition

Electric mobility: ACOME presents its new range of silicone-free power cables with E-layer® technology.

Visit of the Open Innovation Club of Normandy

Mortain welcomes the members of the Open Innovation Club.
Telecom networks and FTTH

ACOME at the UFB Summer University

ACOME presents its innovative solutions for the deployment of UFB and 5G.
Smart buildings

ACOME at SB4SC Universities in Brussels, Belgium

ACOME presents HEMERA, its solution for smart buildings.

Fire safety: Ever more advanced cables

CPR: ACOME goes further with FireProtect and FireProtect+

Social networks


Technological flagship of the French industry, specialist in high-tech cables in the automotive and data networks markets, ACOME is a major player ...

PARIS;   1 001-5 000 employés