Data science: ACOME joins the DataLab Normandie

Wednesday 8 March 2023
ACOME has joined the DataLab Normandie, a consortium driven by the Normandy Region, which aims to develop a data ecosystem in Normandy.

DataLab Normandie is a data laboratory that brings together private and public partners, innovative companies, research laboratories and local authorities, in a process of sharing and experimenting with data.



Over the last few years digital simulation and modelling have become essential technologies in helping us understand processes, materials and phenomena. ACOME has a department for the simulation of processes, products and systems within its research, innovation, technology and foresight department. Simulation and data analysis allow us to understand the physical characteristics of our products more quickly and consequently better respond to our customers' problems.

In 2019, ACOME launched a data project, the "ODIP" project for Open Data Innovation Platform, with the aim of fully exploiting the potential of its data. This project, conducted in close collaboration with the ISEN engineering school (a network of high-tech and digital engineering schools) and Saagie (a software publisher and Big Data specialist from Normandy), resulted in the development of a data processing platform.

This "ACOME dataLab" allows the creation of digital models by compiling design data accumulated by the Group over decades. The characteristics and performance of a cable are therefore assessed before it is even prototyped. It is a vector of innovation and facilitates its acceleration.

To strengthen its expertise in the field of data science, ACOME has joined the DataLab Normandy. The company will be able to participate in working groups, share feedback on the implementation of data projects with local companies and take advantage of these opportunities to accelerate its initiatives.



In order to meet new challenges in the highly competitive automotive and telecom sectors and to consolidate its technological leadership, ACOME places great emphasis on research and innovation. The research and technology centre is integrated into the Normandy production site and draws on 10% of the company's workforce in France.

Joining the DataLab Normandy collective also strengthens the open innovation approach led by ACOME. The company collaborates with experts in adjacent fields, schools or universities through various multi-year research agreements or implements multidisciplinary working groups involving foresight, marketing, business development, research & technology, design & development offices or intellectual property, or via targeted partnerships such as the one we have started with ISEN and Saagie.

This partnership with DataLab Normandie enables ACOME to participate in the development of its territory, to develop close relationships with its ecosystem and to attract new talent to this rapidly expanding sector.

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