ACOME 2019 Forum: Smart Mobility

Friday 28 June 2019
400 professionals in digital infrastructure and mobility in Mortain, France.

As a major player in the convergence between the transport and network sectors, ACOME organised the ACOME 2019 Forum on 27 June at its industrial site in Mortain, France.

ACOME Forum ACOME 2019

Organised in partnership with Mov'eo, the R&D competitiveness cluster focused on the automotive industry and mobility, the ACOME Forum brought together 400 participants, experts and analysts from Telecom and automotive companies, not to mention some 30 exhibitors, for its innovation exhibition in Mortain, Normandy.

A key issue for all our activities in the coming years, smart mobility concerns both vehicles and their on-board cabling systems, as well as the ultra-fast broadband fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructures that will be necessary for communications between cars and road infrastructure. This was the subject of the first round table "Mobility and infrastructure: challenges and opportunities for transport actors" moderated by the editor of L'Argus with experts from Volvo Truck, Ericsson, Transpolis, Avere and IHS.

ACOME Forum ACOME 2019

The second round table "5G: a challenge for buildings, an opportunity for cities, a key issue for territories" was moderated by the editor of Smart City Mag and brought together experts from Orange, Nokia, Engie, Selecom, the Société du Grand Paris and Rennes Métropole. An opportunity to understand the vision of operators and project owners and to share feedback on projects executed in France.

ACOME Forum ACOME 2019


Enormous challenges lie ahead of us in the face of these technological breakthroughs," said Jacques de Heere, Chairman-CEO of the ACOME Group. “In the field of telecommunications, 5G will increase bandwidth by a factor of 10 and reduce waiting times by a factor of 10. Likewise in the field of transportation and mobility, with autonomous vehicles, increasingly connected vehicles, there will be a corresponding exponential growth in data needing to be transmitted and administered.

The call for conferences for the next Symposium – organised in partnership with La Banque des Territoires (Caisse des Dépôts Group), Scopelec Group, Engie, Corning and Mov'eo – on 17-22 May in Israel (Tel Aviv/Jerusalem) was launched during the closing of the Forum.

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Replay of conferences and round tables available on the ACOME Facebook page