ACOME distinguished for its CSR performance in 2020

Tuesday 16 June 2020
ACOME's CSR performance assessed by three organizations.

Ernst & Young, EcoVadis and ACESIA (AFNOR Certifications) assessed ACOME's corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2020.

4 CSR priorities

To carry out its ambition “To be an international, innovative industrial group, a benchmark in communication cables, tubes and accessories for the automotive, telecoms and building industries”, ACOME's CSR performance revolves around 4 priority axes:

  • A reliable, efficient and environment-friendly industrialist (supported by site management).
  • A responsible offer that listens to our customers and partners (supported by the research and innovation department and the technical services of the branches).
  • Put people at the heart of the system (supported by human resources and the quality, performance and CSR department).
  • The ACOME model: values and ethics (supported by human resources).

Extra-financial performance declaration

Each year prior to its General Meeting, the Group publishes its Extra-financial Performance Declaration reporting on the Group's overall performance in environmental, social and societal matters.

In 2020, Ernst & Young audited the relevance of these CSR indicators and actions and issued the following conclusions: “the consolidated declaration of extra-financial performance complies with the applicable regulatory provisions and that the Information, taken in all of them are presented in a sincere manner, in accordance with the Guidelines ”.

EcoVadis: ACOME obtains the score of 64/100

Since 2012, ACOME has entrusted EcoVadis, an independent rating agency, with the complete assessment of its CSR practices. In 2020, ACOME was classified as "Silver" on four themes: environment, social & human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing.

Across this entire scope, ACOME obtained a score of 64/100 in 2020, ranking in the top 4% of companies in the “cable and cabling manufacturing” sector.

A new assessment in 2020

For the first time this year, ACOME's CSR performance was also assessed by AFNOR on the basis of the ACESIA benchmark. ACOME obtained a score of 97/100, a score much higher than that of the companies evaluated by ACESIA, whose average is 37/100.

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