Technological partnership with Transpolis

Smart City
Friday 4 January 2019
ACOME adds its technical expertise to the Urban Mobility Laboratory.

Transpolis SAS has invited ACOME to join its Urban Mobility Laboratory as a strategic technological partner for "Telecom network" solutions.

The Urban Mobility Laboratory, a unique facility in Europe, was designed by Transpolis to support its customers in the development and evaluation of innovative, safe and sustainable mobility solutions. Located near Lyon, France, it provides a platform for testing and deploying full-scale smart mobility solutions using specially adapted infrastructures. This laboratory city has become a centre of excellence for tests related to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and ACV (Automated and Connected Vehicles) for pre-approval, benchmarking and NCAP protocols

As a strategic technological partner in the field of "Telecom network" solutions, ACOME provides the expertise and equipment needed to build an end-to-end multi-service Telecom network and deploy optical LAN infrastructures inside buildings, from offices to workshops and testing laboratories.

This network consists of a 4.5-kilometre optical loop deploying 320km of optical fibre integrating cables, connectors and switches. It connects four test areas:

  • Two road infrastructure zones,
  • A reception and office area,
  • A 30-hectare smart city, which is currently the largest and most complete laboratory city in the world.

ACOME thus joins Transpolis' collaborative open-innovation platform, which brings together a variety of major players in urban mobility to imagine and experiment with smart solutions using dedicated physical and digital "laboratory cities".

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