Product Picture ACOME CR1-FO/C1

ACOFLAM® Armoured CR1-FO/C1

LOOSE - IN/OUT- 4 to 24 FO - OM3, OM4, OS2 - Armoured Steel ORANGE


  • Protection against rodents
  • Flexible cable thanks to its steel wire braiding armour
  • Fire resistance during 120 min (PH120)
  • Compliant to XP C 93-539 standard


These cables are designed in a UV resistant and halogen-free sheathing and are intented to use for fire safety applications. They are fire resistant up to 920 °C and can be installed inside the buildings and outside in ducts or in trench.

General characteristics

Structure armoured steel optical cable

1- 4 to 12 optical fibers (color code FOTAG)
2 - Water swellable yarn – Radial and longitudinal sealing
3 - Reinforced protection based on anti-rodent fiberglass
4 - FRP
5 - LSOH-FR sheath, halogen-free and flame retardant
6 - Galvanised steel wire 0,2 mm
7 - LSOH-FR Orange sheath. Compliant to EN 50290-2-27, UV stabilised, halogen free and flame retardant.

Characteristics Value
4 to 12FO 24FO 
Temperature range Transport and storage - 40°C to + 70°C
At the installation -5°C to + 50°C
In service -20°C to + 60°C
Maximum pulling force (N) 3000
Crush resistance (N/10 cm) 2000
Minimum bending radius (mm) 20 x D
Standard packaging 2100m drum
Nominal sheath thickness (mm) 0,9
Diameter dry Loose Tube (mm) 2,5 2 x 2,5
Diameter inner sheath (mm) 8,3 9,2
Diameter outer sheath (mm) 13,3 14,1
Weight (kg/km) 230 255

Wrapping: Cables are supplied with a protective wrap which must be maintained until full use of the product.


Blue Orange Green Brown Grey White Red Black Yellow Violet Pink Turquoise



Cable content Multimode 50/125 OM3  Multimode 50/125 OM4  Single mode 9/125* OS2
4 fibers B1363A


6 fibers B1364A


8 fibers B1365A B1370A B1375A
12 fibers B1366A B1371A B1376A
24 fibers B1367A B1372A B1377A

(*) 9/125 : G652D fibers


Norms and standards


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EN 60793


EN 60794-1-1 ; EN 60794-1-2

Wiring systems

EN 50173-1 ; ISO 11801


Fire behaviour



Fire resistance

NF C 32-070 – CR1

Fire resistance

NF EN 50200 - PH120

Fire retardant

NF C 32-070 – C1

Flame retardant NF C 32-070 – C2

Test reports LCIE n°13216700-774780 and n°14811874-778475

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