HV T150 Power Ultra Flex Shielded

HV T150 Power Ultra Flex Shielded

  • HV Shielded Ultra Flex 10-95 mm²
  • -40°C to +150°C / 3 000 hours
  • XPLO high voltage shielded cable as flexible as silicone


  • Ultra-flexible cable: easier to work with & install, especially when it comes to tight bending radii.  

  • Strong flame retardant doping to ensure no flame spread in case of fire.

  • What makes this product unique? The insulation & jacket material offers better chemical resistance compared to silicone.

  • Best resistance to abrasion & tear propagation than silicone. High scratch test performance >1.5x silicone.

  • Improved shielding effect compared to silicone in case of shock with better dynamic penetration.

  • This Ultra Flex cable is more economical than silicone and more attractively priced


  • The Power Ultra Flex cable connects the emobility devise all together for example vehicle battery to the front and rear electrical engine.
  • It is ideally suited for applications, especially for conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles.

General characteristics

Norms and standards

Compliant with

- ISO 19 642-9

- LV 216-2

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