ACOME presents its innovations at EHV 2021 exhibition

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Thursday 5 March 2020
Electric mobility: ACOME presents its new range of silicone-free power cables with E-layer® technology.

With its new Flex, Ultra Flex and Access ranges without silicone, ACOME is revolutionizing the market for power cables essential for the mobility of tomorrow. Developed and patented by ACOME, E-Layer® technology will be presented at “Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo” from May 18th – 20th 2021 in Stuttgart.


Meet us at hall 1, stand 596.

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EHV e-layer Exhibition


A major innovation developed by ACOME, a specialist in cross-linking.

ACOME uses its unique know-how in insulation and compounds to offer the market an innovative alternative with power cables sheathed in cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).

0% silicone, 100% competitive. 

E-Layer technology provides silicone-like performance in terms of flexibility – a key feature for electric and hybrid vehicles. The E-Layer® technology uses a co-extrusion process. With its ideal technical characteristics (structure, composition), the multi-layer design offers a scalable solution that combines competitiveness and performance.



E-Layer® technology is available in 3 ranges each offering optional shielding solutions depending on the desired performance:

  • ULTRA-FLEX: the latest innovation in insulation, offering flexibility equivalent to silicone;
  • FLEX: flexibility equivalent to silicone while offering better temperature resistance;
  • ACCESS: the performance of cross-linked polyethylene material, guaranteeing a good price-quality ratio.


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Automotive industry
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Automotive industry
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Automotive industry
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