Jacques Mézard, Minister of Territorial Cohesion, visits Mortain, France

Monday 3 September 2018
On the agenda: Automotive Industry and Smart Mobility.

Jacques Mézard, Minister of Territorial Cohesion, visited our industrial site in Normandy and reaffirmed the State's support for the "Automotive Industry and Smart Mobility" diversification programme.

Acome visite Jacques Mezart

ACOME, the technological flagship of French industry in high-tech cables for automotive, data networks and Telecom infrastructures, will invest €27.7 million by 2020 at its Mortain industrial site, to meet the challenges of smart mobility and consolidate its industrial presence.

The Group is supported by the French government for its diversification project related to the automotive industry and smart mobility, as part of the Regional Planning Grant (PAT). The amount of €1 million for the 2018-2020 period was granted by the Minister last December.

The challenges of the "Automotive Industry and Smart Mobility" diversification programme

The "Automotive Industry and Smart Mobility" diversification programme anticipates the upcoming revolution in the cable industry markets for the automotive and Telecom sectors.

Identified as one of the key issues of the coming years, smart mobility concerns vehicles and on-board cabling systems, as well as the ultra-fast fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure required for communications between cars and road infrastructure (so-called "smart" or "5th generation" roads). 

ACOME's "Automotive Industry and Smart Mobility" diversification programme will help develop future cabling systems that facilitate data exchange:

  • From infrastructure to the vehicle (I2V),
  • From the vehicle to the infrastructure (V2I),
  • Between vehicles (V2V),
  • Inside the vehicle itself. 

To anticipate the needs of markets and its main customers, who are themselves in the midst of a technological shift, ACOME is developing a specific R&D programme and financing new industrial equipment.

A major industrial investment programme

This diversification programme is essential to maintaining the Group's industrial presence and R&D centre in France. ACOME anticipates the transformation of the telecommunication network and the gradual replacement of copper cables with fibre optics.

€27.7 million will be dedicated to carrying out industrial investments at the site. The Regional Planning Grant (PAT) plays an important role in this context. As an early conversion project, this diversification programme positions ACOME as a reference in the transformation of the automotive and Telecom industries.

Acome visite Jacques Mézart 2

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