Suggestion ceremony: the annual meeting for continuous improvement

Thursday 12 March 2020
ACOME organized its suggestion ceremony to share the continuous improvement initiatives proposed by its employees.

The ACOME suggestion ceremony has been organized every year for ten years. Its purpose is to share and highlight the continuous improvement initiatives proposed by its employees and managers while cutting accross sectoral borders.

The 2019 edition was special with the graduation of the five "Continuous Improvement Experts" from the first class of our Performance School.


People at the heart of the system

Doing the job right first time under the best-possible conditions to the best-possible standard at the best-possible cost, and at every link in the value chain: the quest for excellence means putting people at the heart of the system. It is with this firm belief based on the central values of the SCOP (commitment, excellence, solidarity and respect) that our teams are encouraged to propose continuous improvement, monitor the sharing of good practices, and ensure Group-wide compliance with the highest standards of quality, safety and performance.

Quality, HSE and performance all depend on the same commitment to continuous improvement. The only way to achieve maximum overall performance is by putting people at the heart of the system.

Alban Eraclas - Director, Performance, Quality and CSR - ACOME Group

In 2019, 849 suggestions were issued

In 2019, 849 suggestions were issued, making it a record edition. The selection of the 12 awarded suggestions was made in each production units, which selected its best suggestion in a collegial manner and with regard to five criteria: economic gains and costs, impacts on safety or ergonomics at the workplace, quality impacts on the product, simplicity of implementation and field of application / duplication. On March 2, at the suggestion ceremony, the 12 teams presented their projects to the assembly.

The presentation then gave way to a "marketplace" during which the industrial performance managers animated stands with their teams to highlight the main continuous improvement projects carried out on their perimeter.


To be a powerful manufacturer

Transforming the Group into an even more powerful and efficient manufacturer is central to ACOME corporate strategy. As a major vector for delivering the Group’s strategic ambition, our manufacturing policy is a global program to improve the performance of our production model. This policy is being actioned with the implementation of a manufacturing master plan broken down by key manufacturing operation.

With those progress projects everyone contributes actively to the transformation and production performance within their own scope of responsibility.

Christian Roméro - Director of industrial performance and logistics at the Romagny-Fontenay industrial plant - ACOME

Transmitting the culture of performance

As part of locking in key skills, ACOME has created its own qualification-based training cycles. It is in this context that the Performance School was launched in 2019. This new qualifying training program aims at developing a network of skills in industrial performance within the production teams and support functions. Two levels of training are therefore offered: the first is for managers, and the second for "Continuous Improvement Experts" who are responsible for coordinating and deploying continuous improvement projects.

At the end of the first session, and after having presented their work to a jury, 5 employees received their Continuous Improvement Expert diploma on March 2.


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