ACOME at the UFB Summer University

Telecom networks and FTTH
Friday 20 September 2019
ACOME presents its innovative solutions for the deployment of UFB and 5G.

ACOME participated in the UFB Summer University, a key event for the profession.

Organised by INFRANUM and AVICCA, the UFB Summer University is an annual event that is highly anticipated by the entire profession. In 2019, it took place in Marcq-en-Barœul, Hauts-de-France, France on 17 and 18 September. ACOME enjoyed an excellent position in the exhibitors' area for showcasing its innovative solutions for deploying of UFB and 5G.

The two-day programme consisted of plenary sessions, round tables and thematic workshops on Public Initiative Networks (PINs), Smart Cities and Digital Inclusion.

This 2019 edition was particularly enriching, and the exchanges were all the more exciting, as the event was much more crowded than in previous years.

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Telecom networks and FTTH
The integration of LYNDDAHL Telecom into ACOME Group’s portfolio means that it can now offer a complete end-to-end FTTH offering for the European market.
Telecom networks and FTTH
European Commission reajusted its importation duties on Chinese fibre optical cables futher to given sufficient evidence showing that after the initial investigation period, Chinese export prices decreased and that this decrease hindered the expected remedial effects of the measures in force.
Telecom networks and FTTH
1 year ago, during Connected Britain 2022, ACOME presented a new innovative technology: the Nanomodule. This technology then made it possible to accommodate 72 250µm optical fibres in a modularity of 12 fibres in a 7mm diameter ULW aerial cable, thus breaking a glass ceiling for aerial ranges in the UK.