One year after the launch of the Nanomodule, ACOME extends its technology

Telecom networks and FTTH
Friday 29 September 2023
1 year ago, during Connected Britain 2022, ACOME presented a new innovative technology: the Nanomodule. This technology then made it possible to accommodate 72 250µm optical fibres in a modularity of 12 fibres in a 7mm diameter ULW aerial cable, thus breaking a glass ceiling for aerial ranges in the UK.

From 30% to 40% savings on the Total Cost of Ownership

The savings on the Total Cost of Ownership, measured by major players, are 30 to 40%. Building on these savings, ACOME is extending its range, with a new ULW Nanomodule cable, this time containing 96 fibres. In addition, the use of this technology reduces the environmental footprint by 30%, which translates concretely into a saving of 1 tonne of CO2 saved for every 3.3 km deployed.


Easier. Faster. More profitable. And more durable.

Disruptive nanomodule technology is a game-changer for network builders. ACOME will present this technology at Connected Britain on September 20, 2023.




To learn more about the benefits of Nanomodule technology integrated into ULW cables, you can consult the following publications: Nanomodule for the United Kingdom: the innovative aerial cable allowing simplified and quick access to the fiber or Sealing gel in optical cables: Useful and impractical at the same time, or contact our teams and meet our experts at the next Connected Britain show.




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