Telecom networks and FTTH

EU doubles anti-dumping duties on Chinese optical cables

European Commission reajusted its importation duties on Chinese fibre optical cables futher to given sufficient evidence showing that after the initial investigation period, Chinese export prices decreased and that this decrease hindered the expected remedial effects of the measures in force.
Telecom networks and FTTH

One year after the launch of the Nanomodule, ACOME extends its technology

1 year ago, during Connected Britain 2022, ACOME presented a new innovative technology: the Nanomodule. This technology then made it possible to accommodate 72 250µm optical fibres in a modularity of 12 fibres in a 7mm diameter ULW aerial cable, thus breaking a glass ceiling for aerial ranges in the UK.

Data science: ACOME joins the DataLab Normandie

ACOME has joined the DataLab Normandie, a consortium driven by the Normandy Region, which aims to develop a data ecosystem in Normandy.

2022 gender equality index

ACOME SA obtained an overall score of 86 points on the gender equality index
Telecom networks and FTTH

FttH and Optical distribution network reliability

Europacable Technical newsletter
Optical Fibre Distribution Network (OFDN) reliability.
Telecom networks and FTTH

At Connected Britain 2022, ACOME launched its counter-inflationary innovation – The Nanomodule

At the Connected Britain exhibition, ACOME launched its counter-inflationary innovation: the Nanomodule.

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