Investing in trades and skills
Our human resources policy aims to develop the potential of every one of our employees. Our credo: invest in skills and training to support our employees' professional development goals, preserve our key skills and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

Being a high-performance industrial company

Maintaining employees at the highest level of technical skill and expertise is an issue that the company is addressing through a massive investment in vocational training. We offer our employees a wide range of training courses to back our quality standards and aim for operational excellence every day. Training also facilitates mobility by creating bridges between our sectors and trades.

 In 2019, ACOME opened its School of Performance to offer its experts a company certification recognising their skills in continuous improvement within their fields. This new system facilitates the transmission of our performance culture throughout the company.

Chiffres clés
47 000
heures de formation
suivies par les collaborateurs en 2018
changements de fonctions et 114 évolutions de classification
en 2018 au sein d’ACOME SA
délivrés chaque année
In order to secure key skills, we have created our own courses to qualify individuals for technical career fields. We create talent pools and promote functional mobility to produce the hybrid or ‘Swiss Army Knife’ profiles that the company needs.

Pascal Foucher - Head of Training in France - ACOME

Skills training courses

ACOME relies on its expertise in training design to develop training programmes meeting its needs.

Work-study programmes: Each year in France, several classes of approx. 15 people each – most often temporary workers – are hired under a training contract to work towards a professional certificate in metallurgy, qualifying them as production line managers. The training offered under these contracts fits into a pre-hiring process and has proven to be an effective recruitment channel.

Formatec: This training programme has been designed to promote operators’ qualification for a technician position. ACOME thus has a pool of trained employees ready to fill technical jobs calling for broad skill sets. Training is also an important factor for internal promotion and recognition of acquired skills, offering employees the opportunity to position themselves in roles requiring technical skills.

Acome Formatec

School of Maintenance: In order to strengthen electro-technical maintenance skills, ACOME has also chosen to create its own internal School of Maintenance. This training programme recruits and qualifies first-level maintenance operators and electro-technicians within our network who have recently taken up their duties. This programme is based on a week of practical immersion training every two months and individualised support from an internal tutor.

Acome école maintenance

Encouraging professional development

Very loyal to their company, ACOME employees enjoy careers rich in experience given the high level of functional mobility within the Group. For example, 131 job changes and 114 classification changes took place in 2018 within ACOME SA.

I wanted to develop skills and learn new methods, especially about continuous improvement. Formatec courses are much more advanced than any other course. This programme is also an acknowledgement, the concrete application of all that we have learned in the field, as well as a nice tool set for ongoing development.

Élodie Boisbunon - Performance Technician in the Fibre Optics Plant in France - ACOME