Our professions

Among the diversity of our professions, find the one that will allow you to join us.
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To strive for operational excellence, we intimately link quality and performance. Our teams are trained in continuous improvement and each contributes to being an actor of progress.


To be a performing industrial company, the engineering teams manage the Group's investments and industrial projects and provide the link between the design teams and the manufacturing teams.


The management of the information system ensures the performance and optimization of the IS of our different businesses (industrial, logistics, commercial, customer relations ...) in compliance with the strategic directions of the company


Have the right product, in the right place, on the agreed date and in the quantity requested. Our supply chain and logistics teams organize shipments nationally and internationally in collaboration with sales and production teams.


Carried out in a high-tech environment, the methods & maintenance missions require versatility and responsiveness to continuously ensure the performance of our equipment and our production processes.


The production professions work to guarantee the manufacture and quality of high-tech products that make our reputation.


Innovation is at the heart of our strategy and our challenge is to be innovative in the rhythm of our rapidly changing markets. The activities of the R&D teams are divided into 3 areas: research & technology, innovation and development.


Listening to our markets, marketing and sales teams mobilize, in France and abroad, to meet the needs of the Group's customers.