ACOME Group completes acquisition of Danish manufacturer LYNDDAHL Telecom and expands European FTTH market reach

Telecom networks and FTTH
Wednesday 24 January 2024
The integration of LYNDDAHL Telecom into ACOME Group’s portfolio means that it can now offer a complete end-to-end FTTH offering for the European market.

On Friday January 12, representatives of the technical, sales and marketing teams of ACOME's Telecom business and members of our subsidiaries ACOME GmbH and Idea Optical welcomed LYNDDAHL Telecom teams to our Paris premises to formalize the alliance between ACOME and LYNDDAHL TELECOM.

A complete end-to-end fibre connectivity offering

LYNDDAHL Telecom is a manufacturer of ducts and microducts for Telecoms companies (FTTH projects), energy companies and installers established in 2020 in Ribe in Denmark.

The alliance between the two companies represents a lot of opportunities for them thanks to the complementarity of their products portfolio which already includes ACOME cables and Idea Optical connectivity products.

Uniting their customer network and sales teams will give the Group a huge boost to market its solutions internationally and expand its presence in Germany, the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries.


For more information, click here to download the press release.


press release lynddahl

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