Automotive industry

ACOME revolutionises E-Layer technology

Electric mobility: ACOME revolutionises power cables.
Smart buildings

Global Industry Trade Show

ACOME supports the industry of the future.
Automotive industry

15th anniversary of ACOME Wuhan and new factory

Inauguration of a second production site in Wuhan, China.

Publication of the statement on extra-financial performance

The 2018 SEFP recalls the four pillars of the Group's CSR policy.

Joint venture with Chinese firm Hansen

ACOME and Hansen join forces to produce automotive coaxial cables.

Renewal of the testing laboratory’s accreditation

Our integrated laboratory welcomes its accreditation according to IEC 17025 version 2017.

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Technological flagship of the French industry, specialist in high-tech cables in the automotive and data networks markets, ACOME is a major player ...

PARIS;   1 001-5 000 employés