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High-density micro-cables for blowing through micro-ducts
200µm fibre, M24, from 144 to 288 fibres


  •  Density: Up to 3 times more fibres in the same Microducts as classic micro-cables : up to 192 fibres with 8/10 mm Microducts, 288 fibres with 10/12 mm
  •  Convenient:  ACOME’s 200µm Optical fibre is fully compatible with G652D, G657A1 and G657A2
  •  Efficiency: Together with the low friction sheath material HDPE, the shape of the cable offers reduced contact surface to its low friction sheath.



  • ACOPTIC® is the range of  ACOME’s optical cables solutions for telecom networks.

  • MCD1521-HD cables are high-density Mini-Cables designed to be blown in Microducts installed for telecom networks (Transport and access networks).
  • MCD1521-HD is designed to be used with small µducts either on new installation or to upgrade existing installations.
  • This range of cables is blown on short and large distances, they have been tested on our own blowing track, but also by an independent third party



Fibrecount Modularity / Fibres per Tube Nb of Tubes Cable Ø Product Code G.657.A1 200 μm Product Code G.657.A2 200 μm Delivery length
144 F M24 8 5,5 mm H0516A H0168A 4000 / 6000 m
192 F M24 12 6,1 mm H0517A H0163B 4000 / 6000 m
288 F M24 24 8,1 mm H0518A H0166A 2000 / 4000 m


  • The cables are supplied with protective wrapping that must be maintained until the product has been fully used.
  • The rules for storage, transport, and cable laying are described in our ACOPTIC Guide.

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