Multiconductor cable_Data applications_T105 T125 Ethernet J-UTP

T105/T125 Ethernet J-UTP

Automotive unshielded twisted pair for high speed data transmission.


  • Strong signal reliability: 100 MB/s - 1 GB/s
  • Temperature resistance: suitable for temperature environments up to 125°C
  • Flexible sheath: our home-made sheath grants an increased flexibility


  • Automotive shielded twisted pair for high speed data transmission.
  • 1 Gb/s or 100 Mb/s rate according to Ethernet protocol
  • Available for temperature classes T105 or T125

General characteristics


  • Cu ETP1 according to DIN EN13602


  • Polypropylene class T105 or T125


  • Polypropylene class T105 ou T125
Conductor                                                                          Cable
Cable structure Conductor strand Insulation material Wire diameter Jacket material Cable diameter Drain Shield Delivery weight
Nxmm²       mm   mm mm   m
2x0.13 mm² 7x0.158 PP 0.90 Poly-
2.60 - Alu foil 7 000
2x0.35 mm² 7x0.25 PP 1.40 3.60 3500

Norms and standards

General standards

Ethernet up to 1 Gbit/s according to:

  • IEEE 100BASE-T1 (802.3bw)
  • IEEE 1000BASE-T1 (802.3bp)
  • OPEN ALLIANCE-TC9 (ACOME active member)

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