Câble  multiconducteur_T150 XPE EPDM S drain

T150 Multi XPE/EPDM S 2x0,5 - 2x1 mm² et drain

Shielded multiconductor cables for engine compartment.
2x0,5 - 2x1 mm² et drain


  • Excellent thermomechanical behaviour under severe environment
  • Dedicated for high temperatures on environment
  • Flexible with EPDM jacket cable

General characteristics


  • Bare Cu ETP1 DIN EN 13602

Shielding solutions

  • Copolymer Foil aluminum-polyester


  • EDPM crosslinked class T150
Conductor                                                                          Cable
Cable Structure Conductor strand Insulation material Wire diameter Jacket material Cable diameter Drain Shield Delivery weight
Nxmm²     mm   mm mm   m
2x0.50 7x0.19 XLPE 1.60 EPDM XL 4.40 7x0.19 Alu foil 2 100
2x1,00 7x0.26 XLPE 2.10 EPDM XL 5.30 7x0.26 Alu foil 1 700

Norms and standards

General standards


  • According to FORD ES-AU5T-1A348-AA


  • According to FORD ES-2S7T-14401-AA/BA/CA

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