835 Series

4-wire subscriber cables 6/10 - 835 series


  • ACOME's 835 series cables have been used for decades in fixed Telecom networks in France, Africa and the Middle East.
  • From the outset, these cables have satisfied the highest quality transmission requirements. They still provide very high speed transmission for ADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL protocols of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


  • The 835 series subscriber routing cables are assembled in quad assemblies of 2 and 6 pairs and have a 6/10 cross-section with screen.
  • They are protected by an RAL 7001 grey medium-density PE sheath.

General characteristics

coupe descriptif 835

  1. Conductor core: Bare copper wire 6/10
  2. Insulation: Coloured cross-linked polyethylene, diameter 1.00mm
  3. Assembly: 4-wire star Colour code: Orange - Blue - Grey - White
  4. Waterproofing: Water-swelling tape
  5. Screen: Tinned copper wire 5/10 / Copolymer aluminium tape
  6. Grey colour MD polyethylene RAL 7001 Nominal radial thickness: 2.10mm ; Minimum radial thickness: 1.70mm Maximum diameter: 8.20mm
Item code Range Assembly Number of pairs Diameter of the conductor Marking Colour code
Contact us 835 4-wire stars 14 p. 6/10 ACOME Std
Contact us 835 4-wire stars 18 p. 6/10 ACOME Std
Color code
Série 835 – 2 Paires
Orange - Bleu - Gris - Blanc
Série 835 – 6 Paires 
Orange - Bleu - Gris - Blanc
Orange - Vert -  Gris - Blanc
Jaune - Bleu - Gris - Blanc

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