Réseaux télécoms optique et FTTH_MCD1521


High-density micro-cables for blowing or floating through micro-duct MCD1521HD


  • More fibres with the same micro-ducts : up to 192 OF with 8/10mm micro-ducts, 288 OF with 10/12mm 
  • HD Tube® technology enables bending far beyond the limits where a micro-LT kinks 
  • Together with the low friction PEHD sheath material, the shape of the cable reduces surface contact for the low friction sheath.


  • ACOPTIC® brings together ACOME’s optical cables solutions for Telecom networks.
  • MCD1521-HD cables are high-density mini-cables designed for blowing through micro-ducts installed as part of Telecom networks (transport and access networks). 
  • They can be used with smaller micro-ducts for new installations as well as for renovations aiming to increase network capacity.

General characteristics

coupe descriptif MCD1521HD


  1. Loose mini tubes: Tubes of 12 single-mode fibres (G652D or G657A1)
  2. Central strength member
  3. Waterproofing: Water barrier
  4. Low-friction outer jacket: Black high-density polyethylene + Rip cord


Norms and standards

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